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High-Quality Green Mobility Scooters with The Best Aftercare

You can expand your green energy credentials by buying our specialist Green mobility scooters, which will give you all of the major benefits of a high-power mobility scooter with an efficient lithium battery. We are the best solution for reliable green electric mobility scooters with top-notch aftercare and flexible payment plans.

We supply a wide range of mobility scooters including:

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What Are The Best Green Mobility Scooters?

The Green Power brand of mobility scooters is a popular and highly effective type of scooter, providing reliable transportation with a range of other benefits. One thing you will notice is that the unique styles and designs of these scooters are rather reminiscent of classic scooter designs seen in the 1960s mod subculture.

It can be difficult to find a reliable product, but our speciality is in sourcing only the best of every type of mobility scooter for our customers. Excellent Green mobility scooters include the following:

GP Unique 500: The GP Unique 500 is an amazing scooter, with incredibly good green energy credentials. The standard 500 watt (w) motor is powerful enough for most daily needs, but there is an optional 800 w upgrade for greater power. It is so efficient it can travel up to 45 miles on a single charge.

GP Unique 4: This is a similarly excellent scooter, but the Unique 4, features an awesome four-wheeled design – for a retro Lambretta-esque look with the support and functionality of a modern mobility scooter. With dual hand brakes, you can securely ride it in the hilliest areas with total confidence.

GP ZT-4: The ZT-4 is a reliable and affordable scooter, with a little more storage room and a bulkier frame – but you still get an amazing riding range of 45 miles on just one battery. Optional extra lithium battery upgrades are also available, and even an MP3 system for easy music options while riding.

All Green Power scooters come highly recommended for their high-calibre green energy credentials, striking retro designs, and extremely affordable prices. Green mobility scooters are a good first foray into the world of mobility equipment, as their functionality and design standards make for attractive and affordable vehicles.

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Why Choose Orange Badge Mobility?

By choosing us you will get the amazing benefits of our unique service, so when you buy Green Power scooters with us you will get a reliable electric mobility scooter with the following benefits:

Quality products: Our handpicked Green Power scooters are available thanks to the discerning taste of our amazing team, who recognise their super build quality. Green mobility scooters use the best materials possible and couple this with the most advanced technology – for truly outstanding products.

Free delivery, installation, and demonstration: When you buy your Green mobility scooters with us you will get a complete set-up and demonstration, which is included within the sale price. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will leave you confident and ready to go with your new green electric mobility scooter.

24-hour emergency call-outs: We understand that being without your scooter can severely lower your quality of life, even if it is only for a short period. For this reason, we offer an amazing benefit when you buy Green mobility scooters – FREE call-outs 24/7, from our dedicated repair and maintenance team!

Using the power of green energy is something you can do with many mobility scooters, as a lot of designs use efficient electric motors and innovative batteries that help to reduce your carbon footprint. Green Power scooters are a cut above the rest – you will see them when you visit our showroom or browse online. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

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FREE help and advice

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The Best Green Mobility Scooters with the Best Aftercare

We are unrivalled in the industry when it comes to providing the best quality aftercare. As a result, getting your Green Power scooters from us is a prudent choice when you want to ensure you have the best mobility product for your needs, free repairs, servicing and generous upgrade options when it is time to get a new scooter.

An electric mobility scooter is a powerful and liberating piece of equipment, but they also offer plenty of green energy advantages. You can easily buy yourself a versatile and high power mobility scooter that covers large distances on one charge. Browse our range and buy online or simply get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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