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Transit Wheelchairs

Roma 1235 Transit Wheelchair Grey Silver Front Main

Roma, 1235 transit wheelchair

On Sale

Caremart, Carrymate

On Sale

Drive, Expedition Plus transit wheelchair

Sonic Transit - Blue - Full Product - 700x500 - tpng

OR, Sonic transit wheelchair

On Sale
Drive XST Wheelchair Blue

Drive, XST transit wheelchair

Invacare Action 2NG Transit Wheelchair Main

Invacare, Action 2NG transit wheelchair

On Sale

Karma, Ergo Lite transit wheelchair

On Sale
Karma Ergolite 2 Transit Wheelchair Front

Karma, Ergolite 2 transit wheelchair


Karma, S Ergo 125 transit wheelchair

On Sale
Karma Flexx Transit Wheelchair

Karma, Flexx transit wheelchair


Karma VIP2 Transit Passive Wheelchair Main

Karma, VIP 2 transit wheelchair


Invacare, Rea Clematis


On Sale
Invacare Rea Azalea Transit Wheelchair

Invacare, Rea Azalea transit wheelchair



Chairs with smaller back wheels that require an attendant to assist with pushing. Many fold away to make them easy to store and travel with.

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