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Folding Mobility Scooters

A folding mobility scooter will greatly enhance your lifestyle. Your high-quality folding mobility scooter will incorporate the best designs and features for your needs, such as automatic and electric opening mechanisms. We provide you with extensive aftercare and support in learning to use your new folding mobility scooter and the other mobility equipment we supply. Our folding mobility scooters are available in the UK with a range of convenient finance options, to spread the cost of your purchase over a set period.

Scooterpac, Feather Fold Mobility Scooter

Pride, iRide Mobility Scooter


Drive, Travelease Plus Mobility Scooter

On Sale

Kymco, K-Lite Folding Mobility Scooter

From £1,995.00

Solax, Genie Mobility Scooter

Drive Travelease Blue

Drive, Travelease Mobility Scooter

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Solax, MobiFree Mobility Scooter


KR, Globe Trotter Mobility Scooter

On Sale

Drive, Superfold Mobility Scooter


Motion Healthcare, mLite Mobility Scooter


OR, Qfold

On Sale
Solax Smarti

Solax, Smarti Plus Mobility Scooter


TGA, Minimo Plus 4 Mobility Scooter


TGA, Minimo Plus 3 Mobility Scooter


Drive, Autofold Pro Mobility Scooter


KR, Mirage Mobility Scooter

Autofold Elite

Drive, Autofold Elite Mobility Scooter


Drive, V-Lite Mobility Scooter


TGA, Minimo Autofold Mobility Scooter

TGA Maximo Plus Folding Mobility Scooter 6MPH White Main

TGA, Maximo Plus Mobility Scooter


Moving Life, Atto Mobility Scooter

Atto Sport

Moving Life, Atto Sport Mobility Scooter

Atto Sport

Moving Life, Atto Sport Max Mobility Scooter


Why you will benefit from a folding mobility scooter

Mobility Scooters

A folding mobility scooter will deliver the additional functionality you require in terms of transport and flexibility, as well as easy storage. Folding mobility scooters will work well as introductory scooters as they are smaller, less powerful and provide a good balance of function and design. They are also useful if you still drive or have friends and relatives who drive, as they fit easily into the boot of a car.

We are experts in providing a diverse range of mobility equipment, and also give you excellent service and demonstrations when you get your new scooter or buy any other equipment from us. You can buy online, visit our fantastic showroom or contact us to order your new folding mobility scooter today with free delivery in the UK.

Finding the best mobility scooter to suit your needs can be a challenge, but transportable mobility scooters provide a highly portable and lightweight option. As this type of mobility scooter uses less materials and does not feature heavy engineering or powerful motors they are more affordable, which makes them a good option if you are just beginning to try mobility equipment.

A folding mobility scooter provides an extra level of compactness. The folding mobility scooters we stock have manual closing mechanisms as well as automatic electric folding mechanisms. This folding leaves your mobility scooter in a very compact size that can fit into small car boots.

Aside from affordability, portability and general functionality other benefits of a folding mobility scooter include the following:

Easy to use folding mechanisms

An automatic folding mechanism will give you an advantage if it is electrically powered and will fully open and close easily with minimal effort, you can simply press a button on the remote control to have your folding mobility scooter in an open or closed position in a short space of time.

A good example of this functionality is observable in the Drive Superfold Mobility Scooter that we stock. It is very lightweight and compact, and the automatic folding mechanism can complete folding and unfolding in under 15 seconds. The Driver Superfold Mobility scooter can also be wheeled like a suitcase when folded.

It is also possible to get a mobility scooter that has folding functionality with a manual folding mechanism. In this case, they are very easy to use by design too, with smooth unfolding and folding movements that give you a versatile manual option for your scooter.

Suitable for travel

It is a fact that lower mobility does not mean that you have to sacrifice anything in terms of how you live day-to-day, it even enhances it by enabling people to do so more easily. However, when it comes to travel a folding mobility scooter has some of the best functionality to make this process easier.

A folding mobility scooter will fit into a very compact size and, as we mention in regards to the Drive Superfold Mobility Scooter, some have designs that enable you to wheel the folded scooter like a suitcase. This compact size and easy to move folded design mean your scooter will easily fit into small car boots.

However, folding mobility scooters are so compact that they are suitable for a range of travel methods – including train and air travel. A good example of this is the Drive Superlite Mobility Scooter, which folds and unfolds via remote control in under 20 seconds and features airline friendly batteries.

Long-lasting lithium battery features

During a busy day, your folding mobility scooter may require folding and unfolding multiple times. The automatic folding mechanisms that are present on many of the folding mobility scooter models that we stock are very fast and efficient, but they require significant power to perform this function.

The mechanical process of folding can require a fair amount of weight to shift from one area of the mobility scooter into the other, which has a fairly large demand on your battery. However, by using lithium battery designs you can be sure that your automatic folding mechanism will work every time you need it to.

Using a lithium battery gives you an extremely light weight with a lot of power. They are specifically designed for use in longer-term settings and will ensure your folding mobility scooter can withstand heavy use throughout the day without ever failing.

Why buy your folding mobility scooter from us

At Orange Badge we pride ourselves on the level of service we provide. You are not just getting a folding mobility scooter when you buy with us, you will receive a vast array of extras during your buying experience.

When you buy your folding mobility scooters you will have a range of options to do so – including buying online or from visiting our showroom. However, we can also offer flexible finance options to pay for your scooter over time.

If this is your first mobility scooter, you are probably wondering how everything will work. This is where our knowledgeable team comes in, as they will provide you with a full demonstration and teach you how to use your mobility scooter.

You will also receive extensive aftercare, we have a 24-hour call-out service to carry out repairs on all of our mobility equipment. When it is time to upgrade your scooter we also provide fantastic exchange options.

High-quality folding mobility scooters with reliable service

We offer the best mobility scooter services in the UK, with many types of other mobility equipment and accessories available too. Your top-quality items are selected by our experienced team who greatly understand and appreciate your mobility needs.

A folding mobility scooter provides an easily portable and compact-size at an affordable price. You can choose easy to use automatic electric folding mechanisms for the best mobility there is, including options for use in air travel. Long-lasting lithium batteries will give you a reliable performance.

Your purchase of a folding mobility scooter will include free delivery in the UK and comes with our valuable aftercare services. Now that you are ready to buy your folding mobility scooter you can purchase online, visit our showroom or contact us to get it done quickly, easily and with friendly professional service.

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