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Riser Recliner Chairs

Beautifully comfortable and supportive riser recliner chairs in a huge range of sizes, designs and fabrics. Featuring Single and Dual Motors these luxurious yet affordable riser recliner chairs are ideal for any home.


Drive, Maryville


Pride, Devon


Drive, Chester

From £699.00
Z-Tec Wilmslow Chocolate Reclining Chair

Z-Tec, Wilmslow

Cosi Chair Hamble Lille Charcoal Reclining Chair Main

Cosi Chair, Hamble

OR Duke Quartz Grey Reclining Chair

OR, Duke

From £799.00
Pride 670 Chair Bed

Pride, 670 Chair Bed

Drive Indiana Berry Recling Chair

Drive, Indiana


Drive, Lars


Wilcare, Riva


OR, Kingsley

From £995.00

Pride, Camberley

From £1,095.00
Drive Memphis Recliner Chair

Drive, Memphis

From £1,155.00

Wilcare, Harrow


Wilcare, Millfield


Wilcare, Eton

Wilcare Horizon

Wilcare, Horizon

OR Admiral Waterfall Eden Green Reclining Chair

OR, Admiral


Pride, Monmouth

Cosi Chair Medina Waterfall Back Spray Plum

Cosi Chair, Medina

Cosi Chair Jubilee Lateral Back Kilburn Cocoa

Cosi Chair, Jubilee

From £1,495.00
Camelot Guinevere Red Wine Brisa Reclining Chair

Camelot, Guinevere


Wilcare Senydd

Wilcare, Senydd


OR, Chancellor


Wilcare, Glamorgan

Cosi Chair Ambassador 2 Kilburn Oatmeal

Cosi Chair, Ambassador 2

From £1,595.00

Pride, Dorchester


Wilcare, Snowdon


Camelot Tintagel Cream Brisa Reclining Chair Main

Camelot, Tintagel



Camelot, Pellinore



Cosi Chair, Iconic

Camelot Matrix Red Reclining Chair 1

Camelot, Matrix


On Sale
Wilcare Arc

Wilcare, Arc


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