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Lightweight Mobility Scooters

A lightweight mobility scooter provides an effective solution for easy storage and disassembly of your mobility equipment. We provide high-quality products and the best lightweight or ultra-lightweight mobile scooters for disabled people or older adults who want higher mobility.

Our lightweight mobility scooter range is one of the best in the UK, and we provide extensive financing options to help spread the cost of your purchase over a set period if you would like to do so. We also provide flexible exchange and upgrade options if you are looking to trade in an older scooter model.

We commit to stocking the best mobility scooter models. At Orange Badge we also provide aftercare and full demonstrations of our lightweight mobility scooters and all other mobility equipment. Make sure you visit our huge showroom to try out many fantastic options, you can also buy online or contact us for more information.

Pride, iRide Mobility Scooter

On Sale
Sunrise Sterling Sapphire 2 Transportable Mobility Scooter Grey silver

Sunrise, Sapphire 2 Mobility Scooter

On Sale
a blue komfi rider vogue lithilite scooter

KR, Vogue Lithium Mobility Scooter

From £1,695.00
On Sale
Rascal Vista DX Transportable Mobility Scooter Blue

Rascal, Vista DX Mobility Scooter


Drive, Travelease Plus Mobility Scooter

On Sale

Kymco, K-Lite Folding Mobility Scooter

From £1,995.00
Drive Travelease Blue

Drive, Travelease Mobility Scooter


Motion Healthcare, mLite Mobility Scooter


OR, Qfold


Drive, Autofold Pro Mobility Scooter

Autofold Elite

Drive, Autofold Elite Mobility Scooter

On Sale

KR, Travelite Illusion Epic Mobility Scooter


Moving Life, Atto Mobility Scooter

Atto Sport

Moving Life, Atto Sport Mobility Scooter

Atto Sport

Moving Life, Atto Sport Max Mobility Scooter


How our lightweight mobility scooters help disabled people and older adults

Mobility Scooters

Our extensive range of mobility scooter products is suitable for a range of uses, including off-road use. However, a popular and beneficial type of mobility scooter is a lightweight and transportable mobile scooter for more versatile and easy use in a variety of settings. Some of the ultra-lightweight designs we stock are also fully foldable or disassemblable for even easier storage or transport, folding and unfolding chairs also have options for electric opening mechanisms.

A lightweight or ultra-lightweight mobility scooter can be a beneficial scooter for disabled people or older adults who require some extra mobility without the need for extensive features or speed capabilities. Faster and more rugged mobile scooters for rough terrain are not necessary for every person, and a lightweight mobility scooter can provide a good introductory option if you are buying your first mobility scooter.

The benefits of a lightweight mobility scooter can make them attractive scooters for disabled people and older adults for the following reasons:

  • Easy and safe storage: If you do not require a mobility scooter all the time, or just want to use it for certain activities, you can store a lightweight mobility scooter easily and safely. As they use fewer materials, this type of mobility scooter is smaller and much easier to store. 
  • High levels or portability: If you still drive it is possible to put your transportable mobility scooter within the boot of your car, or the car of friends and relatives. The Rascal Ultralite 480 Mobility Scooter is fully disassemblable, for extremely easy transport.
  • Low-cost and high-function: The fewer materials that a lightweight mobility scooter design uses means that there is usually a lower cost. However, this does not sacrifice anything in terms of function with many options including various baskets, attachments and different types of chairs.

Your ultra-lightweight mobility scooter provides higher levels of mobility in a smaller package. The lightweight design will usually compromise on the speed of your scooter, but there are still plenty of options you can use it for such as shopping or travelling to appointments.

An ultra-lightweight mobility scooter will require use on appropriate surfaces. The use of a transportable mobility scooter on rough terrain may not be desirable, as they are not suitable for this and it can be dangerous to use a light mobile scooter in such a setting.

Many lightweight and transportable mobility scooters will fold up using a smooth and easy-opening mechanism. The Kymco K-Lite Folding Mobility Scooter is a good example of a folding mobility scooter, it also has manual-folding and electric-folding options for the user to enjoy quick and easy storage or transportation.

Our mobility scooter services and aftercare commitments

One of the best things about choosing our service is that we include a whole host of extras and excellent additional service features that will enhance the experience of owning your product. We understand your needs and provide valuable personal attention to your mobility requirements that will surpass your expectations.

Features of our unique and comprehensive service include the following:

  • A dedicated maintenance division administering repairs to all mobility equipment with a 24-hour call-out for malfunctions.
  • Our huge Lewes showroom, which is open 6 days a week, demonstrating our entire range, with plentiful free parking and refreshments.
  • Browse and buy at our showroom, purchase right from the website or submit your order via email or post
  • Delivery, installation, demonstration and removal of your old scooter is inclusive of our prices.
  • Excellent upgrade and replacement choices possible when your mobility requirements change.
  • Free home presentations and site surveys led by our own completely trained team
  • Highly trained showroom agents who can listen to your needs, correctly assess your situation and suggest the fitting products.
  • Lifelong aftercare service on all products purchased through us.
  • We can offer products using the Motability scheme and on pay-monthly finance.
  • Over 20 years of knowledge and service to our customers.

At the outset of your purchase, you will receive a professional and friendly service suitable for your specific needs, and it is an ongoing relationship that ensures you get the best out of your lightweight mobility scooter, or any other mobility equipment products that you buy.

It can be frustrating to find someone with the knowledge and expertise to help you if you experience a problem. However, we have manufacturer-trained engineers, who are well-versed in the details of mechanical faults or technical issues affecting mobility scooters. Our engineers will work with you to provide comprehensive servicing that ensures your scooter will last for years to come.

On top of everything, we will give you a friendly and professional experience, no matter what stage you are at in owning your scooter. We will provide the same expert service whether you are curious about buying your first mobility scooter, or trading in an older model for a newer upgrade.

Lightweight mobility scooters for disabled people and older adults

We only supply the best high-quality lightweight mobility scooters, featuring cutting-edge ultra-lightweight materials and innovative folding and storage options. The reliability and ongoing nature of our service, including aftercare, make us one of the best mobility scooter providers in the UK.

You can get your new lightweight mobility scooter at an affordable price, as many of these transportable mobility scooters have fewer parts and less expensive motors. Many of our lightweight mobility scooters, and other mobile scooter types, are available with flexible pay monthly finance options.

To get your lightweight scooter with free delivery, available on all orders over £100 you can buy online today or visit our large showroom –  which is in Lewes, East Sussex. You can also contact us for more information. One of our team will be happy to help.

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