Mobility scooter insurance

If you have just purchased a mobility scooter your head is no doubt full of questions. Aside from the question of just how beneficial it will be for your long term quality of life, you are probably wondering – do you need insurance for a mobility scooter? The short answer is no, a mobility scooter does not require insurance.

The UK government rules state that there is no requirement to have insurance. Being absolved of your obligations for tax and insurance is an undeniable perk, and a scooter or powered wheelchair also has the benefit of not requiring a license to use.

However, scooter insurance is recommended. The benefits of scooter insurance are many but will typically afford your scooter the following protections:

  • Accidental damage cover.
  • Theft and vandalism cover.
  • Cover for any legal costs.
  • Third-party liability protection.

Most mobility scooters are what the government refers to as a ‘class 3 invalid carriage’ – and class 3 mobility scooters are authorised and regulated differently from other forms of transport. Mobility scooters have a low speed limit, tapping out at about 8 miles per hour (MPH), so they do not carry the same risks a car might have.

It can be difficult to understand the intricacies of the regulations, but as leading providers of a range of mobility equipment, we are well-placed to explain the ins and outs of using your scooter on the road. To purchase a mobility scooter please feel free to visit our Lewes-based showroom or get in touch with us for further information.

Should I Get Insurance For My Mobility Scooter?

While there is no legal requirement for tax and insurance on a class 3 scooter, you might require insurance for different reasons, which leads many people to enquire as to whether they need insurance for a mobility scooter. The following are some common reasons why getting insurance for your mobility scooter can be beneficial:

You are using a mobility scooter for the first time: If you are learning to ride a mobility scooter, insurance may be a good idea. While riding is a simple task, it may take some getting used to. Insurance will give you some peace of mind.

You have a mobility scooter with a fast engine: If your scooter has a speed of 4 MPH you could take the chance of not getting insurance. But, if you have a fast scooter and are a speedy rider, you may be better off buying insurance.

You are worried about the security of your scooter: If you live in a larger city or do not have a reliable storage option for your scooter, insurance may be a wise choice. Scooters are often very valuable, so can be a big target for thieves.

Scooters are extremely safe. They have front and rear lights, secure keys or locking mechanisms and are easy to drive – so accidents, theft and the chances of general malfunctions are low. However, scooter insurance can be quite useful in some cases.

Scooter insurance is also comparatively cheap when you put it next to insurance for other vehicles – so it may be worthwhile in case you need cover. You should think of your circumstances and carefully decide upon whether you want scooter insurance.

Why Is There No Legal Requirement For Insurance on Mobility Scooters?

It might seem unusual that there are so few regulations for mobility scooters, as government bureaucracy seems to intricate itself into almost every aspect of daily life. However, scooters are exempt from many of the regulations of other vehicles.

This is due to several reasons, notably the fact that scooters usually have a very low speed limit. The government also wants to incentivise older adults and people with mobility requirements from medical conditions to more easily use their equipment

In addition, scooters are not meant for use on a dual carriageway – so the need for insurance is less significant as the scooters are intended to be used on low-traffic roads where accidents are much less likely to occur.

Do You Need Insurance For a Mobility Scooter? No, But it Might Help

You do not have a legal requirement for tax and insurance, or a license, with your mobility scooter. If you choose to take out insurance for a mobility scooter this may bring you some greater peace of mind, especially if your scooter has a maximum speed of 8 mph on the road, you are just learning to ride or have security concerns.

We know a lot about the rules and regulations surrounding mobility scooters as we are top providers of a wide range of mobility equipment, so we are a reliable source of information. If you would like to purchase a mobility scooter with free UK delivery and top-notch aftercare please feel free to get in touch with us to learn more.