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Buy the Best Mobility Recliner Chairs with Free UK Delivery

We offer the best mobility recliner chairs, which provide exceptional comfort and support for people living with limited mobility. Electric riser recliner chairs commonly come with single motors for a simple automatic movement when sitting down and getting up, there are dual motor riser recliners available if you require more power.

Camelot Guinevere Red Wine Brisa Reclining Chair

Camelot, Guinevere


Camelot Matrix Red Reclining Chair 1

Camelot, Matrix



Camelot, Pellinore


Camelot Tintagel Cream Brisa Reclining Chair Main

Camelot, Tintagel


Cosi Chair Ambassador 2 Kilburn Oatmeal

Cosi Chair, Ambassador 2

From £1,595.00

Cosi Chair, Fenlake

Cosi Chair Hamble Lille Charcoal Reclining Chair Main

Cosi Chair, Hamble


Cosi Chair, Iconic

Cosi Chair Jubilee Lateral Back Kilburn Cocoa

Cosi Chair, Jubilee

From £1,495.00
Cosi Chair Medina Waterfall Back Spray Plum

Cosi Chair, Medina


Cosi Chair, Quantock


Cosi Chair, Tilmore


Need some help? Speak to one of our experts

We are more than happy to speak to you about the process of selecting an electric riser recliner chair. Simply complete the below form and we will be in touch with one of our experts to guide you through the process.

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You can get our rise and recline chairs with a range of fabrics, including leather. Electric riser recliners will give you the freedom to use comfortable chairs with complete peace of mind. Our team offers an impressive selection of rise-recline seating based on the knowledge and experience of over 20 years in the trade.

Finding a reliable provider of mobility equipment can be a challenge, but we are a trustworthy supplier with outstanding industry-leading services. By choosing us you will also get the following extra benefits of our service:

As your mobility needs change, it can become harder to watch TV or do other things in your living room – as comfortable chairs can be too deep up. However, our rise-recline armchairs, lounge chairs and sofas guarantee you avoid any issues.

We offer the most comprehensive service and are a wise choice for first-class equipment with the best support. Visit our showroom or buy online today. You can contact us if you have any questions.

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Discover Our First-Class Mobility Recliner Chairs

As leading providers of a range of mobility products, we make sure that we only source the best mobility chairs on the market. You can find the perfect mobility recliner chairs for your needs within our range, and many models are available with extensive design and customisation options – so you can precisely match your tastes.

You might find the idea of selecting a product from such an extensive range frustrating. However, we can help you to narrow down your choices by highlighting some of the main types of mobility recliner chairs available.

Your decision will depend on factors including your budget and overall mobility needs. Some of the rise and recline chairs we have available for sale include the following:

The Camelot Pellinore

Choosing the Camelot Pellinore will afford you a big range of customisation options, from motor type to the kind of fabric. The chair will work very well as a single motor riser recliner but can also deliver more power with dual, triple and quad motors.

Useful features of the Camelot Pellinore chair include the following:

Overall, this is an impressive chair. The Camelot Pellinore will give you more versatility if you upgrade to a dual motor riser recliner chair or higher, but as a top of the line mobility recliner chair customisation options will influence the final price.

The Wilcare Riva

The Wilcare Riva is an excellent riser recliner that also works well as an armchair, which makes it great for a home office or study as well as in a living room. The slim arms are very sturdy and will give you a very modern design in a small package.

Some of the benefits of the Wilcare Riva include the following:

On balance, this is a mid-level chair that blends form and function. If you are new to mobility recliner chairs the Wilcare Riva will be a good option as it is very simple and comes at a lower price, it also has a comprehensive 5-year manufacturer guarantee.

The Drive Lars

If you are looking for a leather riser recliner chair the Drive Lars is a very smart choice. Leather riser recliners can sometimes be expensive but the Drive Lars has a standard size, which means it comes in at a reasonable price for this type of electric recliner.

The Drive Lars has some excellent features including the following:

The Drive Lars is fantastic if you want a luxurious feel but want to keep the cost of your mobility recliner chair as low as possible – it is a stylish and highly functional chair. There is also a handy side pocket for storage and placing the 5 button handset.

The Pride Devon

If you require a cost-effective seating solution the Pride Devon is a very good choice. The Pride Devon is an entry-level design with basic functionality, which it carries out very well and reliably without going over budget.

The Pride Devon has the following nice features:

This mobility recliner chair will deliver a rock-solid performance, without being a world-beater in terms of functionality. The cost-effective price makes it a good chair to try or an option for care environments where multiple rise recline chairs are in use.

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FREE help and advice

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Buy Your Mobility Recliner Chairs

Having assessed some of the main types of mobility recliner chairs you should now find it simpler to narrow down the best rise and recline chair for your needs. Top of the line chairs have more customisation potential but will be more expensive. Single motor standard chairs are usually cheaper but leather options can also be affordable.

We provide exceptional mobility recliner chairs and many other mobility products, all of which come with our first-class aftercare and free delivery in the UK on orders over £100. You can visit our showroom to try out our rise and recline chairs or buy online. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any further questions.

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