Customer service comes naturally to us. Trusted, knowledgeable and helpful, truthful expert advice is what we are revered for and we have been proud to serve in the East Sussex area for over 20 years.

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Stairlift Installations

Regrettably, as we get older, we can develop serious illnesses that can have an adverse effect on our mobility, therefore climbing stairs can be a struggle. Our new stairlift installations can be the great choice for you to overcome the challenges of climbing stairs and can help greatly improve your health.

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Bathroom Installations

Evidence states that the majority of accidents take place more in the bathroom than elsewhere in the house. By choosing from a range of our bathroom installations and converting your bathroom into a comfortable, mobility assisting room can massively help reduce the risk of slipping and falling, and can undoubtedly help make life easier. Luckily, the days of the ugly ‘Hospital Bathroom’ looks are behind us.

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Mobility Scooters

Eastbourne lays claim to some stunning scenery, and modern mobility scooters may well be the right answer when it is no longer possible to appreciate this on foot. We stock a vast number of different machines, ranging from small compact and agile transportable boot scooters suitable for the restricting pavements of the town to bigger mile-munching machines that can withstand almost any situation you choose to put them in.

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Electric Wheelchairs

An electric wheelchair or ‘powerchair’ is a excellent and safe way to navigate within and around Eastbourne when walking is no longer a possibility. If it’s to move indoors around your home then a small indoor model would be perfect. Or something larger for use on busy roads and pavements, both electric wheelchairs can relieve the pressures of getting around.

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Adjustable Beds

Getting in and out of bed can become harder and harder. The best solution might be a new and versatile modern mobility bed. We play host to a large range of mobility adjustable beds, all available in our showroom for you to sample and try out. Many of our beds also allow for you to lift your head or legs independently which can be a great way to address any problems with lower body water retention.

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Riser Recliner Chairs

If you need help getting into and out of a chair, or if you sometimes need the option to recline and raise your feet to alleviate any water retention, then our riser recliner chairs could be the best way to increase comfort and also provide long-term assistance.

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Many Eastbourne homes have only stepped entry. For most users of wheeled mobility equipment this may generate a degree of complexity and challenge. The implementation of an accessibility ramps system may be the best way to solve these types of problems, providing quick and safe access to your home’s lower floor and more.

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When you’re searching for the right wheelchair, the ideal attributes you’re looking for are comfort, practicality and safety. The days of the outdated rigid steel-framed, inflexible wheelchairs are long gone. Our new modern wheelchairs offer you all that you need, as well as flexibility and reliability that make them usable in a variety of circumstances.

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Walking Aids

It’s possible you may need be in need of a little extra assistance from time to time to help you get around safely. Investing in a current walker or rollator can grant you this and more! Some walking aids even have built-in shopping bags and also a foldable seat to provide a rest if desired.

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Moving & Handling

When flexibility is limited, walking can become a struggle and advanced mobility equipment for moving and handling might make all the difference. Helping you regain your flexibility and aiding your stability.

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Why use Orange Badge

  • Impartial, knowledgeable and friendly showroom advisors.
  • Our own dedicated team of manufacturer-trained engineers.
  • Free home demonstrations.
  • The best aftersales service in the industry.
  • 24 hour local callout for emergencies.


Built on Service

Many mobility equipment suppliers in East Sussex are only ‘middle men’ who just send on the relevant details about you to the larger national manufacturers who will then deal with you directly. We feel this lowers the level of service and care you are provided, particularly if there is a mechanical problem with a piece of critical mobility equipment such as a stairlift or if there is an urgent ‘out and about’ problem with your scooter/powerchair.

It is important that the company offering you your mobility equipment or service is local and can be there to provide continuous support and service throughout the lifetime of the products.

We handle things differently here at Orange Badge; we’re a genuine, accredited company local to Eastbourne. We offer lifetime after support for all our customers, from the initial surveys right up to our aftersales service. If ever you are in need, we can be there with a friendly, local face at your door. You can also expect everything to be taken care of by our very own team of highly trained professionals.


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