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Access Ramps

We supply and fit fixed or portable Access Ramps for both interior and exterior use. At Orange Badge, we know that helping you find the right mobility aid may only be part of the puzzle. Sometimes home access ramps are also needed to let you fully and safely enjoy your regained mobility

Access ramps made easy

wheelchair ramps

Flexible and Cost-effective Disabled Access Ramps

We have a wide range of heavy-duty and lightweight disabled access ramps for every need. Our products are the only solution for complete and easy access for homes and businesses across the UK, with wheelchair ramps suitable for any occasion. The commitment we have to quality, reliability and flexibility means we are the best option when it comes to installing the most effective ramp system.

A disabled access ramp is perfect for wheelchair and mobility scooter users, and can even make the use of walking aids more manageable when going up a slope. A low-threshold ramp can offer full wheelchair and mobility scooter access and there are also portable access ramps suitable for both wheelchairs and scooters.

Benefits of our disabled access ramps include the following:

  • Fully modular designs: We can provide a modular ramp to navigate tricky areas while providing a solid and steady incline. You may also benefit from a ramp kit, which makes it very simple to customise and adjust an existing ramp system.
  • Low-cost and low weight: Finding the right price for a mobility product is something people can struggle with, but we provide the lowest possible prices and offer low-cost products such as our clever channel ramps – which saves on space and materials while providing excellent access.

Whatever the height of the threshold you wish to clear we have a ramp system for your unique requirements. For a closer look at our range, you can browse online or visit our fantastic showroom – which is based near Lewes in the south-east of the UK. You can buy online today or contact us if you have any further questions.

Our Disabled Ramps for Easy Access and Reliable Mobility

We can help to provide easy access for homes, commercial settings, public spaces and any other area that will require use by wheelchair and mobility scooter users. The key to our ability to deliver a bespoke outcome is the wide range of product choices we provide.

Our amazing ramp selection includes the following ramp types:

  • Channel ramps: Using channel ramps can make it easier to access almost any outside doorway, which is excellent for homes with conservatories or patios. You can use minimal materials to create a smooth slope that is easily usable by both wheelchairs or scooters. Our Ultralight Telescopic Channel Ramps are a great example of a versatile channel ramp.
  • Portable ramps: Kerb access ramps can make for a reliable suitcase ramp while travelling, but many are also fully usable by people with wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Using portable wheelchair ramps means you can create flexible ramp systems for outdoor spaces such as garden pathways. The Aerolight Classic is a good example of a very light and short portable ramp.
  • Modular ramps: Using modular ramp systems will make it easy to navigate any space. The WELCOME Ramp System is a fine example of a cost-effective ramp for any setting, including public and commercial areas. Modular ramps are suitable for any slope and are available in custom lengths as well as being suitable for wheelchairs, mobility scooters, walking aids or people using the handrails.

Other types of disabled access ramps include threshold ramps, which give you a gentle slope to the threshold of a door in a very small package – often no larger than a regular doormat. We can also provide pathway solutions, which work by rolling out track onto gravel, grass and other uneven surfaces – enabling greater garden access.

Virtually any area is accessible with an effective ramp system, so there is no doubt that your perfect access ramp is available from our diverse range of products. As we provide many types of mobility products we are happy to advise on multiple products and installations for a whole house or in a commercial setting that requires several different access solutions.

Why Choose Us for Your Disabled Access Ramps?

We have the knowledge and experience to deliver the best possible results. Our innovative design and installation team can work with you to provide the most suitable access ramp systems and will install them using the highest quality of workmanship.

By choosing us you also receive the following additional benefits:

  • Full demonstrations, site surveys and home visits.
  • Flexible monthly finance schemes.
  • Highly-trained showroom staff.
  • Generous upgrade and exchange options.
  • Full repairs coverage and access to a customer service helpline.
  • Lifelong aftercare service on all products purchased through us.

You will get the most impressive levels of aftercare for your access ramp or any other product that we sell. We can provide easy access ramps that are lightweight with aluminium materials for portability or heavy-duty fixed point modular ramps for regular public use – whatever your requirements are, we can help you arrive at the best solution for your needs.

There is no need to take us by our word, the services we offer lead us to many positive reviews on leading independent review sites. One very happy customer has the following to say about their experience with us:

“I cannot recommend this company highly enough! From ordering right through to delivery they have been friendly and efficient. The bed we ordered is top quality too. Ordering over the phone was easy and they were very helpful in giving advice on which item would suit us best. Delivery team were very polite, tidy and careful when moving such a large piece of furniture around her house for us. So, so pleased with this service. THANK YOU!” – Miss. H.

On top of our levels of service and amazing products, you can enjoy free delivery.

The Best Quality Disabled Access Ramps

You can benefit from easy access for homes and many other spaces by using our disabled access ramps and installation services, most of which are suitable for both wheelchairs and mobility scooters. With a gentle slope, anyone can enjoy simple and easy kerb access that makes use of the best quality mobility products in the UK.

We offer a wide range of mobility products and can help you install an effective ramp system, whatever your requirements might be. You will get the benefits of our skills alongside lifelong aftercare for all mobility products bought through us. Buy online with free delivery today or get in touch with us to learn more.

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