Personal customer service comes naturally to us. Our trusted, expert and friendly impartial advice is what we’re best known for, and we’ve been proudly serving the county of West Sussex for over 20 years.

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Stairlift Installations

Sometimes, as we get older we can start to suffer from conditions that can impair mobility. Navigating stairs can become something of an issue. Going ahead with any new stairlift installations and choosing the best stairlift for you will help remove all your stair-climbing problems and can greatly improve your safety.

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Bathroom Installations

The fact is that more home injuries happen within the bathroom more than anywhere else in your home. Having your bathroom converted to a more mobility focus bathroom will help to eliminate the risk of trips/falls and will generally help to make your life easier and safer. Our bathroom installations here at Orange Badge give you all the functionality that you expect whilst still maintaining the looks of a beautiful traditional bathroom. The days of horrible ‘hospital bathroom’ looks are thankfully well behind us!

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Mobility Scooters

When it’s no longer possible to enjoy Worthing on foot then a mobility scooter may be the right answer. West Sussex is home to a vast array of stunning towns and countryside, and when it’s not possible to enjoy these places on foot a mobility scooter might just be the perfect answer. From our small and nimble transportable boot mobility scooters that are suitable for the narrow town pavements right the way up to our larger mile-munching machines which are able to handle almost any terrain you can think of, we stock them all.

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Electric Wheelchairs

When walking is out of the question, an electric wheelchair or ‘powerchair’ is a smart and efficient solution to getting in and around Worthing. Whether it’s the small indoor model for navigating around your home or whether it’s something bigger to use on the pavements and roads, our electric wheelchairs will remove all the efforts out of getting around.

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Adjustable Beds

Trying to get a better night’s sleep and want to make it easier to get in and out of bed? Then the solution could be one of our modern mobility adjustable beds. These allow for independent raising of your head or legs and can also be perfect for relieving any lower body water retention issues. We’ve got a whole range to try, here at our local showroom just a short drive from Worthing.

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Riser Recliner Chairs

Our riser recliner chairs are an easy and practical way to increase comfort and help you achieve long-term relief. If getting in and out of a chair can be a struggle or if you’re in need of a chair that’s able to recline and lift your feet individually to alleviate water retention etc, then this could be the perfect solution.

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Some houses have step-entry or provide some degree of difficulty for users of wheeled mobility equipment. A ramps system can completely remove any of these problems you may be having and can help allow for easy and safe access throughout your ground floor and beyond.

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Thankfully the days of the rigid-framed and uncomfortable heavy steel wheelchairs are behind us. Our modern wheelchairs provide everything you could ever need to enable prolonged use in a wide range of environments.

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Walking Aids

When getting around can become a struggle, sometimes a bit of extra stability is all you need. Walking aids such as a walker or rollator will enable this and more; some even have a shopping bag built-in and a foldable seat for welcome rest whenever needed.

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Moving & Handling

Specialist moving and handling equipment can be the difference when your mobility is limited, this is turn can give you back your freedom. We stock many types, with our range ever expanding continually.

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Why use Orange Badge in Worthing

  • Impartial, knowledgeable and friendly showroom advisors.
  • Our own dedicated team of manufacturer-trained engineers.
  • Free home demonstrations.
  • The best aftersales service in the industry.
  • 24 hour local callout for emergencies.


Built on Service

When choosing mobility products is crucial that the company supplying your equipment is a local one and are able to attend and help you out whenever needed, and are also able to deliver the care of your equipment throughout it’s lifetime.

Majority of the companies in the industry that supply mobility equipment in Worthing are just ‘middle men’ who end up passing your details on to the larger national manufacturers who then end up supplying you directly. We feel this impairs your level of service, especially if it’s a breakdown with a scooter/powerchair or an issue with critical equipment like a stairlift.

We do it differently; we’re a certified, professional, trustworthy company local to Worthing and our own fully trained staff will take care of it all. From the initial survey right through to aftersales service, we ensure continuity of care and a friendly, familiar, local face at your door whenever you need us.


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