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Welcome to Orange Badge Mobility, a family business established for over 22 years. we are the largest mobility centre in the South, offering FREE HOME DEMONSTRATIONS & DELIVERIES, open six days a week with fully trained staff, ample free parking and safe test-drive facilities.

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High-Quality Disabled Bath Aids and Bathing Accessories

You can use disabled bath aids to help make using your bath safer and more convenient when you have mobility requirements. You may not want or need a complete mobility bathroom, so buying bath aids and accessories can make for a practical and more cost-effective alternative.

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We offer high-quality bathing accessories that can make your regular bathing routine much easier, with free UK delivery on all orders over £100. Our position as leaders in the industry makes us well placed to recommend the best bathing aids on the market, and allows you to experience our first-class aftercare.

Bath aids are a useful addition to a standard bath design, which is a nice first step when you are not ready to install a full mobility bath or shower. We provide the most high-quality bath aids and you also get the following extra benefits of our service:

If you have difficulty with daily activities such as hair washing, general hygiene or find it difficult to use a bath you can easily make it simpler by selecting a product from our large range. Our knowledgeable team takes the time to select the best bath aids that will enhance your quality of life and make it easier to use your bath.

We are at the forefront of the industry and offer the best levels of aftercare for all of our mobility products. When you need the best products and reliable support as your mobility needs change we are the only choice. Feel free to visit our Lewes showroom, buy online today or get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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Learn More About Our Bath Aids and Bathing Accessories

If you have mobility requirements it can be frustrating when a once simple task becomes more difficult and uncomfortable. Using mobility bathroom accessories and aids such as bath lifters can effectively help you to bridge the gap toward a fully-fledged mobility bathroom and will let you more easily use your existing bath.

Our bathroom aids are ideal for older adults and people living with disabilities, which will deliver simple solutions in the form of bath seats or shower chairs, bath lifts, grab rails and bath mats. Products from our impressive range include the following:

Anti-slip Grab Handles

One of the most simple yet effective bath aids we offer are grab rails, which can be fitted virtually anywhere in the bathroom to provide sufficient support and extra grip in problem areas. Grab rails also boost safety standards for greater peace of mind.

Our Anti-slip Grab Handles have the following useful features.

With the ability to handle a user weight of up to 18 stone (st), which is approximately 250 pounds (lbs) or 115 kilograms (kg), these grab rails will offer substantial support. While they are great as bath aids they also work near sinks, showers and toilet seats.

The Relaxa Bath Lifter

Bath lifters are the ultimate type of disabled bath aids for people who want to keep their existing bath, and this is an excellent option. The Relaxa uses a wall-mounted design that is removable, so people with no mobility needs can also use the bath.

The Relaxa Bath Lifter comes with some of the following beneficial features:

This bath lifter is simple to use and comes with a handy rechargeable battery, for safe operation at all times. This is a good bath lift for multiple users as it has a large user weight capacity that is suitable for people up to 21 st, which is 294 lbs or 133 kg.

The Mangar Inflatable Cushion

When it comes to disabled bath aids that use clever and innovative designs there is no need to look much farther than The Mangar Inflatable Cushion. This clever piece of mobility equipment employs a non-disruptive and highly portable design.

Benefits of the Mangar Inflatable Cushion include the following:

This bath lifter is fantastic if you want a design that will not require any alteration to your current bathroom. The Mangar Inflatable Cushion functions using a low air pressure unit and handles a high weight – of up to 24 st, which is 336 lbs or 152 kg.

The Bellavita Bath Lifter

This is possibly one of the most modern disabled bath aids in terms of design. With a fully height adjustable seat up to 49 centimetres, or 19 inches. The backrest can also recline up to 50 degrees and the seat will comfortably lift you in and out of the bath.

Advantages of the Bellavita Bath Lifter include the following handy features:

The Bellavita Bath Lifter gives you a removable and easy storage bathroom aid that has a fresh look and a slimline profile. It also has sturdy rubber feet and a contoured design for better grip and is capable of handling 22 st, which is 308 lbs or 140 kg.

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FREE help and advice

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Buy Your Disabled Bath Aids Online with The Best Aftercare

We offer an exceptional range of disabled bath aids including bath lifters and simple accessories such as grab rails. All of our bath seats can be useful for people living with disabilities and offer many unintrusive mobility solutions, while others come with simple installation requirements.

It can be difficult to find the right products, but our team will offer full assistance in selection, installation and demonstration of all products – as well as free delivery in the UK on orders over £100. You can buy your disabled bath aids online or visit our showroom to find out more. Please get in touch if you have any further questions.

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