Wheelchairs are designed to aid those that may find it difficult or impossible to walk, either temporarily or permanently.ย  There are numerous different types available, from basic ‘push only’ transit models to advanced power-assisted versions.

Our staff will help to guide you to a wheelchair that’s comfortable, easy to use and suited to the tasks you want to use it for. We have over 30 wheelchairs in our Showroom, based in Lewes, East Sussex, for you to try before you buy.


Type of Wheelchair?

For ease of navigation, we have divided our wheelchairs into easy to navigate categories:

  • Transit wheelchairs are lightweight and compact machines that are designed for the user to be moved around by an attendant. They often fold up for travel or storage purposes and are available in many different sizes.
  • Self Propelled wheelchairs are controlled by the user by means of rotating the wheels by hand. They have much larger rear wheels than transit chairs and usually have removable wheels and folding frames to allow easy travel and storage.
  • Active User wheelchairs are robust, advanced self propelled chairs that can take almost anything you can throw at them! Each one is bespoke and built to the size, shape and needs of the user. These chairs are ideal for those that spend a large amount of time in a wheelchair and often travel out and about in it.
  • Passive models are designed for users with extremely limited mobility and allow the attendant to alter much of the chair’s geometry as required, such as seat angle, leg height and angle, recline angle, headrest height and angle etc. They are supremely comfortable and safe.
  • Powered Assistance devices are battery powered additions to wheelchairs that effectively motorise them, controlled by either the user or the attendant depending on the model. They are quick to install and remove from wheelchairs, allowing for easy transport and recharging.


Our Active User wheelchairs areย  built from the ground up as bespoke items. We offer a free professional assessment and prescription service for these chairs to ensure that you get the right chair for you.

The list of options for these chairs is exhaustive; multiple seating and cushion options, multiple footrest options, wheel and grip options, colour options, and much more. Contact us on 03442 161616 for more details


What type of Wheelchair is right for me?

If the user of the wheelchair would find it difficult or painful to self-propel, then an attendant-propelled wheelchair in our Transit range may be the right choice for you.

A Self Propelled chair may be a better choice if you have the upper body strength to be able to move and control a wheelchair, and want to be able to use it both indoors and out.

An Active User wheelchair is the best option if you’re going to be spending a considerable amount of time in the wheelchair and enjoy the exercise of moving around. As they are built for your exact size and needs, they are the most comfortable self-propelled wheelchairs available.

Passive chairs are designed for users that have extremely limited mobility and find even the smallest of movements difficult or painful. They are designed to be adjusted around the individual user to make sure they are comfortable at all times and make the job of the attendant easier.

If you need help with either a transit or self-propelled wheelchair, then take a look at our Powered Assistance range. These motorised devices easily clip on & off wheelchairs and take all the effort out of pushing it around.


What else do I need to know?

It’s critical with a wheelchair that if fits you correctly, as users often spend a large amount of time in them. When we deliver a chair to you we will make sure it’s correctly adjusted to your size and shape within the limits of the wheelchair.

Users of wheelchairs may also need accessibility upgrades to their property to use them safely and in comfort. We can undertake a FREE survey of your property before you purchase a wheelchair to ensure you’ll be able to use it hassle-free, and can offer suitable Ramp Solutions if you require them.

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 03442 161616