As we get older, using a traditional bathroom can prove to become a challenge. A bathing aid or room conversion can reduce or eliminate the strain and discomfort in using your bathroom and allow you to enjoy bathing again.

Our staff will help to guide you to a solution that’s comfortable, easy to use, suited to the tasks you want to use it for and within your budget. We have a large bathroom area with level access showers and walk in baths in our Showroom in Lewes, East Sussex for you to peruse and try.


Bathing Aids

If you want to add a device to your existing bathroom that will mitigate the discomfort and effort of bathing, and do so on a budget, then a bathing aid may be right for you.

We stock many different types of bathing aid in our showroom, all of which are on display and available to look at or try. These include:

  • Bath Lifters sit in or are fixed over your existing tub and provide a level surface to transit into and out of the bath, removing the need to lift yourself in and out. They are generally inexpensive but be aware, all rigid seat models will lose you at least an inch of bath depth as the thickness of the seat means you don’t get all the way to the bottom.
  • Automatic wash and dry toilets, such as the Aquaclean 8000 Plus, combine an easy to use and slightly raised (known as ‘comfort height’) WC with a state-of-the-art warm water bidet, warm air dryer and heated seat. They are easy and quick to install and can completely eliminate the need for toilet paper and in some cases carer assistance when using the toilet.
  • Bathroom Accessories are all the little things around your bathroom that make life easier. For example, shower seats & stools, body dryers, shower units and grab rails.


Bathroom conversions

To get the most enjoyable bathing experience along with the highest degree of safety, converting your existing bathroom into a mobility-friendly room is by far the best option. This can be done in a number of different ways, so we always book a free consultation and survey to talk it through with you and ascertain exactly what route would be best. The various options available to convert your room include:

  • Level Access Showers are the ultimate way to ensure your bathing is safe and stylish. These bespoke conversions remove all floor-level obstructions, creating a fully watertight room with a subtle built-in gradient for drainage. Unlike a traditional ‘wetroom’, a level access shower will confine the water to the showering area, ensuring easy cleaning and eliminating any puddling. Folding shower seats allow everyone to enjoy a shower, whether standing or sitting.
    The level, obstruction free surface is combined with an anti-slip floor throughout the room (in your choice of colour and shade) to virtually eliminate all risk of trips and falls. Level access showers are something that nowadays is actively looked for when buying a home, especially by older buyers, so you can be assured of a return on your investment.
  • Low Threshold Showers are a way to eliminate most of the trip hazard and fall risk within a bathroom, but on a tight budget. They are similar to a traditional shower tray but have a greatly reduced ‘step’ into the shower area, sometimes as low as one inch! They are suitable for most properties and can often be installed quite quickly, especially when they are being fitted within the ‘footprint’ of an old bath. Some apartment blocks have floors that cannot be channelled for drainage, and so a Low Threshold Shower becomes the best option.
  • Walk In Baths allow you to still enjoy a good soak in a bath, but eliminate the effort of climbing in and out. They have a hinged waterproof door with ‘lifetime guarantee’ door seals to get in and out, and many have either a fixed seat at a comfortable height, or a powered seat that gently lowers you to the bottom of the bath and lifts you back out again.