We have a huge selection of seating available. There are many different sizes, colours and fabrics available and prices can range from under £500 to over £5,000.

Our staff will help to guide you to a seating option that’s comfortable, easy to use and suited to your size and shape. We have over 50 Riser Recliners, Suites and Fireside chairs in our Showroom, based in Lewes, East Sussex for you to sit in and try before you buy.


What types of chair are available?

For ease of navigation, we have divided our seating into easy to use categories:

  • Riser Recliners are essentially motorised armchairs that can lift you to a standing position or fully recline you and raise your feet at the touch of a button. They are built with either a linked backrest and footrest that operate with the same buttons (single motor), or with independently adjustable leg rests and backrests with separate controls to fine-tune your ideal position (dual or triple motor).
  • Fireside chairs are traditionally styled high-back chairs with sturdy, padded arms that greatly aid getting in and out of the chair.
  • Our range of Suites are sets of matching furniture that can be supplied with riser/recliner or fixed seating options. Chairs, two-seater sofas and three-seater sofas are all available in a range of sizes, and can be purchased as separate items or as a matching set.

If you have specific needs, many of our chairs can be built from the ground up as bespoke items to accommodate them. Whether you are very small, tall, heavy or large or have any other specific requirement, these chairs can be built to suit you. We offer a free professional assessment and prescription service for all bespoke chairs to ensure that you get the right chair for you.

Contact us on 03442 161616 for more details.


What type of Seating is right for me?

Are you looking to purchase a chair for everyday use that will be comfortable, look great in any room, allow you to raise your legs and lie back, and also help you to stand up when you need it? Then a Riser/Recliner chair is likely the right choice for you.

A Fireside chair may be a better choice if you’re looking for something fixed and sturdy to use in a room other than the lounge.

One of our Suites could be the right choice if you want all your seating to match within your lounge, or if you require a pair of matching chairs in different sizes for yourself and your partner, or simply if you want to replace your current suite and ensure it is ‘future-proof’.

What to consider when buying new seating?

Various styles of backrests are available with many of our chairs.

  • A Waterfall Back is a super soft and comfortable chair back made from attached individual pillows. The amount of stuffing in each pillow can be individually adjusted to ensure the chair is as comfortable as possible.
  • A Button Back is a firm and traditional choice that looks extremely smart and gives good general support.
  • A Lateral Back is a pillowed back with support either side of the torso, great for users who experience discomfort when moving or who have weak or damaged core muscles and struggle to sit straight.


What else do I need to know?

Riser/Recliner type chairs have benefits beyond the obvious substantial increase in your comfort. The ability to elevate your legs while seating is a key factor in combating lower body swelling and water retention, and regular use of a Riser/Recliner can actually reduce lower body & leg water retention considerably over time.

A correctly fitted and padded chair can greatly alleviate back pain when compared to a standard chair, and the riser function allows extremely safe, strain-free exit of the chair and easy transit to a walking frame or rollator.

It’s critical for the long-term comfort of any seating that it fits you correctly. The chairs are measured by their seat height, width and depth, and all of these are listed in the details of each chair. Should you be unsure what size chair you need, you can visit us here at our Showroom or if it’s easier we can bring a selection of chairs to you for a home demonstration.

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 03442 161616