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Everything You Need to Know About Mobility Bath Aids

Mobility bath aids can help to make life easier by enabling people with limited mobility to use their existing bath more comfortably and safely. Bath aids are often very simple products and there is a range of bath aids that make use of clever designs and more advanced technologies too. Here we will explore the best ones.

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For older adults or people living with disabilities, bathing can become difficult, or even dangerous at times. People who have mobility requirements can make use of bath aids, which also deliver the following advantages:

It can be confusing when you are looking for the best solution to the mobility issues you experience while bathing, but as leading suppliers of a wide range of mobility products, we are a good source of information on the best mobility bath aids. Feel free to view our shop and buy online in the UK or get in touch if you have any questions.

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The following are some of the best bathroom aids that can help you to effectively use your bath when you have mobility requirements:

Grab Rails

The first product on our list is a very simple and cost-effective bath aid, the humble grab rail.

No matter how much you try to avoid it, you can potentially slip in a bath when getting in or out. Wet fingers or misplaced hands can result in slips and falls for people with full mobility too. Grab rails give you sturdy support that you can strategically place near a bath, shower and sink – or perhaps even a toilet seat.

Aside from the sturdy support to grab on to, grab rails have the following other advantages:

The genius of grab rails lies in their simplicity. Not only does this make them one of the most cost-effective mobility bath aids on this list but they are also quite easy to install, with competent DIYers completely capable of installing grab rails by themselves. Grab rails can make a good first foray into the world of bathroom aids.

Bath Seats

The once simple act of lying down in a bath can become too much for some people as their mobility needs change. However, a simple bath seat can allow you to sit in the bath very easily.

With sturdy support, you can avoid the strain of lying down and remove the difficulty of getting back up. Products such as bath seats are quite versatile and can also have a dual use as shower chairs.

Bath seats offer a reliable seating position but will also have the following additional benefits:

While seats are a step up in terms of simplicity compared to grab rails, bath seats will make it easy to sit in the bath and carry out your daily bathing without the need to fully lie down.

By using bath seats you will get one of the most reliable mobility bath aids with no assembly or installation necessary, simply position them correctly in the bath.

Bath Boards

Next on our list of the best mobility bath aids are bath boards, which are the same as bath seats but are placed across the entire width of the bath – allowing you to comfortably dip your legs into the tub and wash without fully submerging yourself.

Bath boards are good as they offer sturdy positioning at any point across the length of the bath and have the following additional benefits:

Bath boards are also useful for people without mobility needs, such as for someone who wants to shave their legs without fully submerging themselves – and bath aficionados will also enjoy the ability to place a book, glass of wine or other bath products on the board.

Bath boards are very simple mobility bath aids with no installation necessary.

Bath Lifters

We are now venturing to a more advanced mobility bath aid, which will usually require a bit of setup or installation in most cases. Bath lifters gently lower and raise you into the bath, so you can enjoy full reclining functionality while enjoying the peace of mind that you will be able to get back up.

Bath lifters can lower you to the bottom of the bath and have the following additional benefits:

Bath lifters are great as they inspire total confidence while bathing. Many designs also feature battery backups so that there is no chance of getting stuck in the bath or finding yourself unable to use it.

As slightly more advanced mobility bath aids, bath lifters are usually a lot more expensive than the other bathroom aids on this list.

Bath Mats

The final type of product that we will discuss is bath mats, which are very low-tech but provide reliable results.

Bath mats are usually made from rubber and provide a non-slip surface for the bath, ideal for when you are stepping in and out of it and when you are lying in a reclined position.

Using bath mats is very simple and comes with the following further benefits:

Bath mats can help anyone with or without mobility requirements to bathe more securely and are particularly handy because of their low-tech simplicity and insignificant costs.

Mats are so cheap to replace that you can buy new ones regularly to try different grip configurations, or just to get a fresh mat when they become too dirty. Overall, bath mats may be the best mobility bathroom aids to try first.

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Purchase Your Mobility Bath Aids and Make Your Bathroom Save

We hope you enjoyed this list and find the right solution for your needs. Mobility solutions can be prohibitively expensive for some people, but bath aids will give you a cost-effective, flexible option and many are particularly useful for people who are learning to live with their mobility requirements for the first time.

As experts in delivering mobility solutions across a wide range of spaces, from bathrooms to living rooms, bedrooms, outdoors and much more – we are well-placed to explain the best mobility bath aids. Feel free to browse our shop and get in touch if you have any questions.

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