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Buy a High-Quality Single Adjustable Bed with Free UK Delivery

You can purchase a reliable and sturdy single adjustable bed that will completely change your quality of life if you have mobility issues, with many excellent electric adjustable beds available for sale from our impressive selection. If you are living with mobility issues, electric beds can help you to more easily find your most comfortable sleeping position.

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We are more than happy to speak to you about the process of selecting the appropriate mobility bathroom product for you. Simply complete the below form and we will be in touch with one of our experts to guide you through the process.

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We are the best choice for single adjustable beds and many other kinds of mobility equipment. When you select us for your mobility products you get the following outstanding benefits of our unique service:

Buying with us not only gives you the best products on the market with the most exceptional levels of aftercare, but it also gives you total peace of mind from knowing that you have the superb services of our industry professionals at your disposal.

We have over 20 years of experience and can provide the best service every time, please get in touch to buy or learn more about adjustable beds.

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Discover Our Amazing Range of Single Adjustable Beds

As leading providers of a range of mobility solutions across the UK, we carefully select and curate all of our products – to ensure that we offer only the best solutions to our customers. Our fantastic selection of adjustable beds is no exception.

When you browse our range at our Lewes-based showroom or online you will find subtle and modern designs of the best single adjustable beds, in addition to a great range of helpful accessories. We also have a specialist Homecare Bed Range.

Highlights of our extensive range of products include the following brilliant electric beds and related items:

The Catona Adjustable Electric Bed

This elegant, stylish bed is designed with a luxurious look and feel. You can switch from your sleeping to upright positions using the remote control, and also use the swappable leg feature to keep the bed at a comfortable height.

The Catona Adjustable Electric Bed comes with the following excellent features:

This design is customisable with fabrics to suit many tastes, as well as multiple headboard configurations. The Cantona will also give you a high weight capacity bed (up to 18 stone) and is also available with drawers, an optional bed lifter and a table.

The Bradshaw Adjustable Bed

The Bradshaw Adjustable Bed is for sale for those who desire a high level of aesthetics from their mobility equipment. There are zero compromises on design with The Bradshaw. The Bradshaw is very well-priced considering its style.

This bed comes with the following amazing features:

The Bradshaw comes with many customisation options to suit your existing bedroom decor and personal tastes, with a vast array of fabrics and headboard types to choose from. The Bradshaw also comes with under-bed drawer options.

OR, Revolve Chair Bed

This is the ultimate in a single adjustable bed, and offers you the amazing benefit of being completely convertible into a single chair too! If you have difficulty getting into or out of bed, this design is specially made for your total comfort and independence.

The OR, Revolve Chair Bed comes with the following excellent features:

The OR, Revolve Chair Bed is an amazing option for complete autonomy, even for people who struggle to sit up and get out of bed by themselves. Included with the bed are secure locking safety sides and handrail accessories for extra stability.

FREE help and advice

FREE help and advice

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Buy a Single Adjustable Bed Online or in Our Showroom

You can buy your new single adjustable bed, and any other mobility equipment you might need, online today with free UK delivery. For a clearer idea of how well our electric beds perform, and which type of bed is best for your needs, please feel free to visit our showroom. Our highly trained staff are there to assist you.

With a sturdy, stylish bed frame and reliable, high-powered electric motor you can easily make getting into and out of bed or finding a comfortable sleeping position simple and safe. Please feel free to browse online and buy today or get in touch with us if you have any further questions.

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