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Wheelchairs with power assistive add-on systems will make it much easier for wheelchair users to move around, by giving manual wheelchairs a bit of oomph in terms of ease of movement. Standard wheelchairs can provide a lot of mobility, but they still require considerable effort to operate – so a wheelchair powered add-on system can make use of the active user’s input and power a manual chair.

Converting a manual wheelchair with a power pack can give you some of the advantages of an electric wheelchair and the following additional benefits:

  • Flexibility: Many wheelchair power assist devices are designed to fit on any wheelchair, giving you much more flexibility than a dedicated power wheelchair. If you are a user of multiple wheelchairs, such as when borrowing one at an airport, power assistive options can be very useful.
  • Freedom: Some people simply cannot use active wheelchairs because they are unable to move their trunk (the middle part of the body) sufficiently. It takes a high amount of strength for full movement in a manual wheelchair, so power assistive wheelchair devices are a good extra for times when a greater effort is required.
  • Cost savings: Power wheelchairs can be expensive, bulky and sometimes provide excess power for the user, as a result investing in wheelchair power assist devices is a good way to compromise on costs – especially if you only need a power assistive wheelchair occasionally.

Lots of people with mobility requirements can walk for short periods and then use a wheelchair for difficult obstacles or activities, this is where power assistive wheelchair devices on an otherwise manual wheelchair make a lot of sense. They make an ideal solution, but which one should you buy?

As leading providers of a wide range of mobility products, services and top quality aftercare we have plenty of wheelchair power assist devices available to view at our showroom. You will be able to try them out when you visit us, and our team will offer support and product guidance to make sure you always get the best one.

You can also buy online and please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions.



The Best Wheelchair Power Assist Devices for 2021

We continually update and curate our products to make sure that we only ever offer the best products. The upcoming items we suggest are a part of our wheelchair power assist devices range, and we are confident they will suit a variety of mobility requirements

The following are highlights from our current range and will make for excellent power assistive devices:

  • TGA Single Wheel Power Pack: A basic and simple power assistive device, the TGA single wheel power pack is applied to any wheelchair in just a few seconds. Although a small package, it can go up to 4mph with up to 18 stone on board – and has a maximum range of up to 10 miles per charge.
TGA, Single wheel powerpack
  • Invacare Alber Viaplus v12 Powered Assistance: Moving into the mid-range of wheelchair power assist devices, this is a good option for hilly areas as it has an automatic brake system. This is an ideal add on for when pushing a manual wheelchair up or down awkward terrain or on windy paths.

Alber Viaplus V12

  • Invacare Alber Smoove One Powered Assistance: If you are looking for the gold standard of wheelchair power assist devices look no further, this product easily attaches to a manual wheelchair and will let you travel up to 12 miles, weighs just 7.2kg and features a handy USB-C socket for charging.
Alber Smoov One powered assistance

The preceding products are some highlights from our impressive range, but there may be other options. Nevertheless, TGA and Invacare are excellent manufacturers of wheelchair power assist devices.

Invacare is a large company that has roots dating back to 1885, truly pioneering the development of high-performance mobility equipment. TGA, known for high standards, also has experience in the mobility equipment space spanning 30 years.



How to Buy WheelChair Power Assist Devices

As a leading provider of mobility equipment in the UK we offer a range of other types of wheelchairs, including manual wheelchair devices. We can also help with choosing the best products through the assistance of our helpful team. 

Our products also come with top aftercare to ensure the quality of your item – along with free delivery! Please feel free to buy online today with free delivery. You can also get in touch with us if you have any questions.