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Shoprider, Vienna Electric Wheelchair

£1,495.00excl. VAT

3 yr Motability contract payable every 4 weeks £82.68

Compact and extremely lightweight, the Vienna excels indoors where it is incredibly manoeuvrable, and can also be dismantled for transport when necessary. A robust, inexpensive chair perfectly suited to use around the home or office.

Length 91cm / 36in
Width 56cm / 22in
Maximum range 10 miles / 16 km
Maximum speed 4mph / 6kmh
Maximum user weight 18 stone / 115kg / 254lbs

The classic Roma Shoprider Vienna Electric Wheelchair is the powerchair that is a predecessor to the popular Roma Reno.  It remains an alternative to that model. Compact and extremely lightweight, it excels indoors where it is incredible manoeuvrable.  It can also be dismantled for transport when necessary. Designed for use inside, the Vienna is extremely compact.  It has a turning circle equivalent to that of the Reno, allowing it to negotiate tight turns and doorways. Simple to use, with intuitive rear-wheel drive, it is ideal for those who may not have used a powered wheelchair before.

Although the Vienna powerchair is not specifically designed for outdoor use, it can be driven in flat paved areas such as shopping centres, although its small 8 inch wheels and lack of suspension mean that it doesn’t cope well with any kind of bumpy surface. The Vienna can be dismantled for transport in just a few minutes.  This allows it to fit in the back of most cars, meaning it can be moved easily between locations.

The heaviest part of the Shoprider Vienna Electric Wheelchair weighs 18 kgs.  This can be lifted in and out of a car boot by an able-bodied person. While the Vienna powerchair is a basic wheelchair, some limited adjustments can be made to the seating. This includes the height, which can be adjusted from 19 – 20 inches, the width of the armrests, and and the height of the headrest. The backrest angle can also be adjusted, allowing a small amount of recline. It is worth noting the 18 stone weight capacity of the Vienna, which is less than that of the Reno and most other powerchairs.

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