The disabled facilities grant is a UK government scheme that is designed to help with making improvements to your home when you live with a disability. This means you can get financial help for the cost of the works with home adaptations that are considered disabled facilities – you can install ramps and do a lot of other things too.

In England, you may get a grant of up to £30,000. You can use the grant to do some of the following home improvements, which is very helpful for disabled people to live more comfortably and safely:

  • Add stairlifts
  • Enlarge door frames
  • Fit a more accessible bathroom to a downstairs area
  • Improve a home’s heating system
  • Put in ramps for wheelchairs
  • Adapt heating or lighting controls to make them easier to use

While the idea of the disabled facilities grant might sound simple it can be daunting to navigate the ins and outs. However, as leading providers of mobility equipment for older adults and people living with disabilities – we have plenty of helpful knowledge that can serve as reliable guidance when navigating the complexities of the scheme.

We provide excellent mobility equipment and can help to fit a variety of high-quality installations to improve your standard of living. If you are planning to make home improvements such as mobility bathrooms, stairlifts and other disabled facilities please feel free to get in touch with us to make use of our industry-leading services.

What Are The Conditions for The Disabled Facilities Grant?

You can apply to your local council if you live with a disability, but you can also get the grant for someone else in your home if you live in the property with a disabled person. There are many conditions on eligibility and other criteria you may have to meet before getting the grant.

When you apply for a disabled facilities grant, the following conditions must be met. If you do not meet these conditions, you might not be able to get the grant or may receive a lower amount:

  • Disabled people must live in the property: You must have a disability or live with a person that has such requirements in the property. You can either own or rent the property and if you are a landlord you can apply for disabled facilities grants if you have a tenant who has a disability living in the property. Children with disabilities are also eligible for the grant in a parent’s home.
  • You must have low income and savings: The grant is one of the government’s means-tested benefits. There is a savings threshold for the disabled facilities grant, which means that if you have over £6,000 saved the amount you will receive will be lower. Additionally, if you have a higher income you may be required to pay towards the cost of the work.
  • You must intend to live in the property for the grant period: One of the conditions for the grant is that you must intend to live in the property for the duration of the grant period. The grant period is currently set at 5 years, and will therefore require a commitment from you to staying in the improved home. If there is a likelihood that you will move, the grant may not be given.
  • The council must be happy with the work: It is up to the local council to determine whether the work you intend to complete is necessary for your needs. The council will also assess the age and condition of the property, which may make it difficult or costly to install certain improvements and can also affect your eligibility for the grant.

As the improvements you will make are unlikely to significantly affect the external appearance of your home, you will rarely require any form of building regulations approval or planning permission from your local authority. If you do have to apply for planning permission, you must do this separately from the scheme.

Your local council may demand an approved surveyor, architect or home improvement agency to plan and manage the work. If this is a condition of your grant application, the grant can help with the costs of their fees in addition to the work that is completed.

Helpful Guidance on The Disabled Facilities Grant

The disabled facilities grant is an excellent way for people with little income or savings to improve their quality of life and install disabled facilities in their home. Help with funding improvements can take a significant amount of the stress and cost burden off of your back, and ultimately make the process more manageable.

While there are conditions for the grant, most people living with a disability will be eligible for some form of help in improving their standard of living. This is not an exhaustive list of conditions, but your council will be able to provide further guidance and advise you on what you might get and how you will be paid.

The disabled facilities grant is worth pursuing and is a helpful government allowance for many people. If you wish to improve your home with mobility solutions, such as bathrooms, wetrooms or other disabled facilities, we provide excellent products and services – please feel free to get in touch with us to learn more.