Investing in a rise and recliner chair can bring you an immense boost to your quality of life. However, choosing one can be a daunting prospect and ultimately a difficult task. There is such a large selection of riser recliner chairs for people with mobility requirements, which means that it can sometimes be very hard to pick the best one.

Best recliner chair

There are several criteria to think about when picking out your chair, all of which are necessary for a long-lasting solution. The perfect recliner chair will have the following characteristics:

  • Comfortable, even when sitting or lying for long periods.
  • Easy to use for your needs, including while stationary, swivelling or when rising and reclining.
  • Aesthetically pleasing, and in keeping with the current ambience and decor of your room.

It can be hard to know what to look for when picking out a reclining sofa or chair. However, as experts in providing a range of mobility equipment, we are a very good source of information on how to select the best recliner chairs for your needs. Please feel free to get in touch to purchase a riser recliner with free delivery in the UK.

What to Think About When Buying a Riser Recliner

With the right approach, it is much easier to find the right chair, which can potentially save you the hassle of making a rushed decision. Whether you are putting a chair in your living room or another area of the house, there are some of the key things to think about that can help you to narrow down your search.

The following are some key points to think about as you embark on your purchase of a recliner chair, which will help you to make the right choice:

  • Manual or electric: This is the most important question. An electric recliner chair will give you the best movement, but at a higher price. While electric recliners are convenient, manual options will provide good movements, as even swivel recliners have simple but elegant mechanisms to orient yourself.
  • Styles: You can easily find a sofa chair if that is what you prefer, and they will have the same movement functions. You might also benefit from a more upright recliner armchair design for an office room. Think carefully about the design and style of the chair that you need and the space where it will go.
  • Back type: There are several different types of back to choose from, which will provide a different seating experience. A waterfall back will provide extra lumbar support, but a button back will give you sturdy support all over. You also need to consider the back height of the chair, which can vary quite a lot.
  • Fabric type: You can customise the fabric of your chair, depending on what brand or model you select. Plenty of manufacturers have a vast array of fabric options, so you are certain to find something that ideally matches your tastes and the current decor of the room where the chair will be placed.
  • Motor power: Presuming you choose an electric recliner chair, you will need to decide the amount of power you need. Powered recliners have single, dual, triple or even quad motors. The more power, the more flexibility you have. You can also move the foot or headrests independently with multiple motors.
  • Accessories: There are many accessories you can add to make your experience better while using the chair. Chairs with electric motors often come with remote controls, which can make it easier to move around. Chairs with drink holders can also be useful, so think of all your needs before you buy.
  • Price tag: Your budget is a key consideration for finding the best chair. Some chairs are cheaper than others, notably manually operated chairs as they have fewer moving parts and less complicated mechanisms. The best providers will offer flexible payment plans, so look out for this when sourcing your recliner.

There is much more to picking the best recliner chair for your needs than sitting in it once and finding that it is a comfortable recliner, down the line you may find it is unsuitable for your requirements – so choosing a chair is a very important process. Think carefully and try out several styles and brands before making a decision.

What Are The Best Recliner Chair Brands?

Recliner chairs

A helpful exercise when choosing a recliner chair is to look out for recognisable brands, which will indicate a certain level of quality should you go for them. You might find it difficult to figure out what brands are the best, as recliner chairs are specialist mobility products – but we know all about the best manufacturers.

The following is a list of reputable mobility recliner chair makers, which will indicate that your chair is a legitimate product and of very high quality:

  • Cosi.
  • Pride.
  • Drive.
  • OR.
  • Wilcare.
  • Camelot.

You might think that brand recognition is not the most important thing, but as a mobility recliner is such a specialised piece of equipment – you must not compromise on quality. This is not an exhaustive list – if you see other brands alongside the makes listed above, they may still be of a good standard.

How Much Should I Expect to Pay For the Best Recliner Chair?

Frustratingly, the prices will vary quite widely depending on the type of chair you buy. As a minimum, you should expect to pay at least several hundred pounds for a decent recliner. The costs can spiral substantially if you choose to get significant customisations – most notably motor upgrades of certain fabric options.

To keep your costs under control make sure that you think of the following when buying the best recliner chair:

  • Fancy finishes such as leather are not the be-all and end-all, you can easily cover a cheaper fabric with a blanket or throw when the chair is not in use.
  • There is no need for extensive or powerful motors unless your needs make them essential.
  • Never forget that a recliner chair is a piece of equipment where you will sit, relax, watch television, possibly eat meals and even sleep – so appearance is always second to function

To save on costs make sure that you seek out the most reputable providers, who will often offer generous upgrade options, flexible payment plans, free delivery, installation and demonstration – or other helpful services. These are the signs of a good supplier who knows their market and will offer perks to repeat customers.

How to Choose the Best Recliner Chairs

The paradox of choice is a very real thing, and it might put you off purchasing a chair at all – this can cause you significant discomfort if you are an older adult or a person living with a disability that results in mobility requirements. The tips on how to choose the best manual or electric recliner chairs above will help you to decide.

As experts in providing a range of mobility equipment, we know how to choose the best recliner chairs. If you would like some help in finding the best recliner chair for your situation or to purchase a chair with free UK delivery please feel free to get in touch with us today.