Bathroom Safety Tips to Help Getting in and Out of a Bath

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One of the key areas where people require mobility solutions is bathing. Showers are less of a problem than baths, and many people have trouble accessing a bath comfortably. For help getting in and out of a bath, there are many potential suitable options – and the best one will depend on your current level of mobility.

Baths are a particularly troublesome method of bathing when moving is difficult. However, baths provide significant advantages to people with mobility issues – so it is important to provide easy and safe access to them. Baths are more comfortable for many people and offer a way to soothe muscles in a stress-free way in comparison to a shower.

As experts in providing mobility solutions to suit a range of needs, we can reliably recommend ways that can help when getting in and out of a bath, so you can be sure that all tips are helpful and safe. 

If you have a mobility requirement for your bathroom then please feel free to contact us for a bespoke solution.


Use Simple Strategies and Movements to Safely Get in and Out of a Bath

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There are many aspects of bathroom safety that you can implement yourself and make a part of your normal bathing routine. Making sure there is adequate grip and no wet patches around the bath will make sure you can use it safely. Ways to do this include the following:

  • Non-slip decals and stickers.
  • Rubber bath mats.
  • Anti-slip bath sprays.
  • Anti-slip tile coatings.
  • Wooden bath trays and stepping pads.

In some cases, these will not be sufficient to allow you to get in and out of the bath safely. If your mobility is limited you can try adjusting your usual movements to help make getting in and out of the bath safer. Tips for getting in or out include turning onto your hands and knees, as opposed to lifting yourself up or down using your arms. 

If you can stand in your bath while getting in then gently lowering onto your knees can make the movement less stressful on your joints, and turning over onto your knees will also reduce the strain on your body when getting out. If you are unsure about this or your mobility needs change you may require more help.


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Consider Home Improvements

You do not need the most costly home adaptations to effectively access your current bathroom facilities, many options are affordable and relatively hassle-free to install.

If your current mobility levels are manageable and you require only smaller levels of assistance then simple bathing aids can help, including the following:

  • Grab rails or grab bars on the side of the bath: These are a simple and unobtrusive addition that allows you to hold onto the side of the bath with enough grip to lower or lift yourself into the bathtub safely.
  • Bath seats: Using bath seats can help when getting in and out of a bath, the seat lowers you in and provides body support for a more upright position – so both legs are not flat, which can make manoeuvring easier.
  • Transfer benches: Transfer benches are a simple addition to a bathroom and go over the side of the bath. Benches enable you to lift your knees and each leg over the side of the bath – while also adding back support.

If this is not enough then further help may be necessary. More advanced bathing aids, which require more a significant installation process, include the following:

  • Bath lifts: Choosing a bath lift provides mechanical assistance that will help getting in and out of a bath. An adjustable seat allows you to gently lower yourself into the bath, with no modifications to your existing bath.
  • Walk-in baths: A walk-in tub will greatly help getting in and out of a bath. Most models have quite small, leak-free doors for easy low-level access. Installing these is as simple as replacing an ordinary bathtub.
  • Consider accessible showers: People with limited mobility can make use of level-access showers, which are accessible for people using walkers and wheelchairs – meaning anybody with significant mobility issues can bathe.


Effective Help Getting in and Out of a Bath

When you are wondering how to avoid trouble and safely get help getting in and out of a bath it can be confusing to understand what the best options are. There are many techniques, simple bathroom additions and more advanced solutions.

There is no need to stop using a bath for bathing in most cases and a solution that is bespoke to your needs is entirely impossible to install or add to your bathroom. 

Get in touch with us today for a solution that suits your needs.