An engineer diagnoses a problem with a mobility scooter using a multi-meter


Here at Orange Badge your mobility is our top priority! With each repair or maintenance call, our mission is to deliver a personal, high quality, quick and stress free service with our team of fully qualified, specialist engineers at the ready 24/7.
We’re able to offer our support and repairs service to a huge area, encompassing West Sussex, East Sussex, Kent and Surrey. We make sure all our customers receive the best, efficient, repairs service available and we are immensely proud of the reputation and recognition we have developed.


Our Workshop

Orange Badge are specialists in all mobility equipment repairs, from mobility scooters to essential stairlifts, we guarantee to repair and maintain any mobility equipment you have via our team of highly qualified, manufacturer trained engineers. Our workshop is fully equipped with all the best tools and latest computer diagnostic technology. This enables us to diagnose even the most difficult of faults.

If your mobility equipment requires a bit more attention and is unable to be fixed by our engineers during an on-site visit, you can rest assure that any problems you may have will be fixed within our workshop.


Our Service

Should you ever experience any problems with your stairlift, we offer exclusive 24/7 call-outs, to make sure you are not left without use of such an essential piece of mobility equipment.

To ensure your mobility scooters are kept in safe, excellent working order, regular service and maintenance is required. We offer convenient mobility scooter repairs, both on-site and within our workshop, with our full guarantee and same or next day pick-up/call-out.

Whether it’s an urgent out-and-about call out or a prearranged visit arranged for the most convenient time for you, our goal is to make sure that you are not left without use of your mobility equipment, from as soon as we receive your call.


Orange Badge Mobility Scooter Maintenance Guide

Regular service is needed to ensure your mobility scooter is maintained in good working order and safe to use. If at any time you notice anything unusual such as noises or squeaks or if you begin to notice a change in performance, then a service may be needed. We highly recommend that you have your scooter serviced by a qualified engineer, especially if your scooter is for road use. Our friendly engineers are always here to help are competent on all makes and models.

Your mobility scooter will stay in good working condition if kept maintained well. For basic maintenance, here are a few tips and tricks to ensure the smooth running of your scooter:


Cleaning Your Scooter

It is good practice to keep your scooter as dry and clean as possible. Wash of any dust, dirt, or mud as soon as you can, when not in use – this will help to prevent rust.



Before setting off, always make sure you have enough charge and battery power for your trip. Travelling whilst using your lights or traversing up hills will use up more power.

In order to keep your battery working efficiently and to the best of their capacity they need to be charged regularly and ideally overnight. However, always adhere to your battery manufactures guidelines.

When your scooter is not in use or during cold weather batteries eventually loose their charge, and will soon fail if left in a discharged state. Therefore it’s important to keep them topped up – even when not in use – to maintain full functionality.



Tyres are the most susceptible to wear and tear and so need to be inspected regularly in order to check if they are still safe and in working order, especially if your scooter is for use on the roads. Regularly check that your tires have a decent amount of tread on them and also no major scratches or tears, and that they are fully pumped up to the correct pressure.


At Orange Badge, we provide a repair service you can trust. Our engineers take every step possible to ensure you that your mobility equipment is repaired, tested and fully safe for you to use, from repairing home stairlifts to diagnosing battery faults, our team of highly skilled mobility technicians are at your service. Once fully restored, and fully tested for safety, we then deliver your mobility scooter straight back to you.